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March 22, 2023

Congratulations Preservation Awards Winners!

Heritage Winnipeg’s 37th Annual Preservation Awards were held on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 to honour the heritage heroes who went above and beyond in the conservation and celebration of Winnipeg’s built heritage in 2022. Held at the historic Millennium Centre, this free public event showcased a wide range of important conservation projects that allow our city’s beautiful built heritage to remain vibrant and continue to serve the community for years to come. This year, four awards were handed out – including the first ever “Heritage Sustainability Award” – all to very deserving winners. Congratulations to everyone involved in these fantastic projects!

2023 Heritage Winnipeg Institutional Heritage Conservation Award

University of Manitoba Administration Building

66 Chancellors Circle

One of Western Canada’s finest examples of Classical Revival style architecture, the 1912 University of Manitoba Administration Building was designed and built as the central structure of the Manitoba Agricultural College. This award is presented in recognition of the exterior door replacement and facade conservation projects which took place at the building over the past two years. After extensive research, four non-heritage aluminum double doors were replaced with wooden doors, complete with glass half arch transoms above. Designed to match the long lost original doors seen in historical photos and drawings, the new doors also have modern operational and security features. Complementing the new doors, the facade project involved conservation of all the exterior stone and brick masonry on the building as well as the ornamental sheet metal. These projects not only celebrate the history of the Administration Building but ensure it will remain in good condition for many years to come, a testament to the University of Manitoba’s commitment to good stewardship of our community’s built heritage.


2023 Heritage Winnipeg Commercial Heritage Conservation Award

Park Alleys

730 Osborne Street

The 1947 Park Alleys bowling alley is a hidden gem in Winnipeg, an exuberant expression of modernist architecture. This award recognizes the conservation work undertaken on both the exterior and interior of the building, updating the facility while celebrating its history. Undertaken during the pandemic, this passion project saw the distinctive neon sign on the front of the building conserved, along with the cantilevered roof canopy and quirky diagonal glass block window. Made accessible with a new entrance and washroom, the original ceiling was exposed and illuminated by a combination of conserved and custom light fixtures. The pin setting mechanisms and ball returns were serviced despite not current technology, while a new stage was “floated” above two of the bowling lanes so they could potentially be reactivated at a later date. A new bar was assembled out of salvaged materials to match the historic building and old memorabilia found during the project was put on display. Through the owner’s careful dedication to embracing Park Alleys history, this building is sure to be a vibrant community hub for generations to come!


2023 Heritage Winnipeg Heritage Sustainability Award

All Saints Anglican Church & West Broadway Commons

521 Broadway & 167 Colony Street

The 1926 Gothic Revival style All Saints Anglican Church is a neighbourhood landmark with a congregation that has persevered since its first church was built 140 years ago. This award recognizes the renovation of the 1952 church annex in a manner sensitive to the historic building while increasing its functionality. The main entrance to the church, through the annex, was upgraded with an automatic door operator along with the solid wood doors connecting the sanctuary to the annex. A new, fully accessible washroom was created on the main floor of the annex and the main floor meeting room was also fully renovated to provide a more functional and accessible space. In addition, a beautiful stained-glass panel was salvaged and installed in a back-lit frame in the main entry of the annex. These renovations are part of All Saints Anglican Church’s bold decision to use their surplus land to build a mixed affordability housing project, ensuring long-term sustainability for both the church and the sanctuary.

Completed in 2020, West Broadway Commons is a 90,000 square foot tower with 110 mixed-income apartments and 2,292 square feet of street-level commercial space. This joint venture between All Saints Anglican Church and the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation 2.0 saw the west side of the church’s property developed to serve the broader West Broadway community while ensuring the historic church was financially sustainable for years to come. The project included a beautiful 9th floor multi-use community space and shared outdoor terrace and a new ‘pocket’ greenspace connecting Broadway with the church’s main annex entrance alongside a coffee shop and outdoor seating, all designed to optimize energy efficiencies. Additionally, seven suites are fully barrier free including roll-in showers, kitchens that have undercounter wheelchair space, lower counters for cutting, and accessible storage. A challenging project that required great creativity to meet the goals of all involved, the final outcome will serve both the church and the community for many years to come.


2023 Heritage Winnipeg Distinguished Service Award

Friends of West Kildonan Library

The Friends of West Kildonan Library coalition represents the community members and library patrons from across northwest Winnipeg who had the vision to protect the 1967 International Style West Kildonan Library as an architectural landmark for future generations. This award recognizes their leadership in the community-led fight to save the library after a misguided plan proposed last year to close the branch and relocate it to an unsuitable site. As a result of their advocacy work, hundreds of community members attended a rally to save the library and thousands signed a petition against its closure. The result was the library being added to the City of Winnipeg’s List of Historical Resources, protected from demolition. The Friends of West Kildonan Library are an outstanding example of what a grassroots movement can accomplish in the conservation of built heritage, and their ongoing commitment to ensure the building is renovated and restored after being designated is to be admired.


Thank you to all the nominees and award winners for your dedication to the protection, restoration and conservation of Winnipeg’s built heritage!


Certificate of Recognition

Heritage Winnipeg

Heritage Winnipeg was honoured to be recognized by the Friends of West Kildonan Library for our advocacy work regarding the West Kildonan Library. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group and we are thrilled that the library is now a protected heritage building. Thank you!

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