Through advocacy we speak on behalf of the preservation of worthwhile buildings threatened by demolition or neglect. We work with communities, building owners, developers, the City of Winnipeg and more. Some past efforts include the former Bank of Commerce, Barber House, Kelly House, former Union Tower, and Upper Fort Garry to name a few.

Heritage Winnipeg played a very prominent role in the development and adoption of the Province and City’s Legislative regulations regarding City of Winnipeg Heritage tax Credit for Heritage Properties.

Heritage Winnipeg played a valuable role regarding the National Designation of the Exchange District.

Heritage Winnipeg lobbies governments, i.e., petitions for threatened heritage buildings subject to demolition and also the Sustainable Development Act etc., and many other heritage issues.

This advocacy work continues!

How to Become Involved:

Act as a conservation advocate in your neighbourhood, and promoting the cause of heritage conservation through education and other means.

Write articles on heritage themes and issues for publication in newsletters and other media.

Students can participate in research in several related fields including urban geography, architecture, city planning, history and economics.

Work on fundraising programs and/or events.

Work in the Heritage Winnipeg office.

Offer time and experience as a Board member or committee member.

Become a member of Heritage Winnipeg.

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