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March 28, 2022

36th Annual Preservation Award Winners!

On Thursday, March 24th, Heritage Winnipeg hosted our 36th Annual Preservation Awards. The evening was held at the Ukrainian Labour Temple, awarding projects that have been completed in both 2020 and 2021. After having to cancel our awards ceremony last year, Heritage Winnipeg was delighted to celebrate with everyone and acknowledge the wonderful conservation and preservation work that has been done in our city.

Annual Preservation Awards ceremony held at the Ukrainian Labour Temple

The winning projects showcase a wide range of important preservation work that allows our city’s beautiful built heritage to remain intact and celebrated for years to come. With that said, let us take a look at the winning projects now!

Ukrainian Labour Temple: 591 Pritchard Avenue

Owners of the Ukrainian Labour Temple receiving their Preservation Award

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, owners of the Ukrainian Labour Temple, built in 1919, and located at 591 Pritchard Avenue were awarded an Institutional Conservation Award. They received an award for the extensive and sympathetic restoration work completed on the exterior and interior, and to the AUUC for their perseverance, and to find the funding to be successful.

GW Architecture accepting their award for the Ukrainian Labour Temple

GW Architecture Inc. was awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for the Ukrainian Labour Temple for their extensive rehabilitation and design work including many upgrades to the building, such as making the main floor and washrooms accessible, interior alterations, and restoration of original elements such as the exterior front door and windows.

James Avenue Pumping Station: 109 James Avenue

Alston Properties Ltd. and 5468796 Architecture Inc. receiving their award for the James Avenue Pumping Station

Alston Properties Ltd., owners of the James Avenue Pumping Station, built in 1906 and located at 109 James Avenue, are awarded a Commerical Conservation Award. This award recognizes their commitment as part of a larger project, to conserve the original historical structure and the machinery after years of neglect, and for the sympathetic work undertaken on the rehabilitation of the interior space.

5468796 Architecture Inc. was awarded a Commerical Conservation Award for the unique architectural work and design undertaken at the James Avenue Pumping Station. This award recognizes their creative rehabilitative work with the original structure and the interior including the historic machinery.

The Universiteé de Saint-Boniface: 200 avenue de la Cathédrale

Université de Saint-Boniface receiving their preservation award

The Universiteé de Saint-Boniface at 200 avenue de la Cathédrale was awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for their commitment as owners to undertake a historic reconstruction project of the exterior front doors to seamlessly look original on this significant 1911 heritage building.

Yarrow & Sash Door receiving their award for their work with Université de Saint-Boniface

Yarrow Sash & Door was awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for their skilled craftsmanship on the replication work to seamlessly match the original wooden front doors at the Université de Saint-Boniface.

Cornish Library: 20 West Gate 

City of Winnipeg and Public City Architecture receiving their award for the Cornish Library

The City of Winnipeg, owners of the Cornish Library received an Institutional Conservation Award for their commitment as owners of a public institution in collaboration to develop and execute a successful interior restoration and sympathetic addition to the original building built in 1915 and will continue to be a vital hub and resource for the community.

Public City Architecture was awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for the Cornish Library located at 20 West Gate in Armstrong’s Point for undertaking sensitive heritage restoration, accessibility, and building code upgrades, along with a sympathetic community reading room addition at the back of the historic building.

Manitoba Legislative Building: 450 Broadway 

Province of Manitoba receiving their award for the Legislative Building

The Province of Manitoba as owners of the Manitoba Legislative Building at 450 Broadway received an Institutional Conservation Award for the leadership commitment to undertake extensive conservation work in the historic Rotunda of this Provincial landmark building.

Republic Architecture receiving their work on the Manitoba Legislative Building

Republic Architecture Inc. was awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for their sensitive rehabilitation work undertaken on the Manitoba Legislative Building’s Rotunda at 450 Broadway, and for conserving and protecting the historical and architectural values of the Rotunda.

Scott Fruit Company Warehouse: 319 Elgin Avenue

Red River Polytechnic, Number TEN Architectural Group, and Diamond Schmitt receiving their award for the Scott Fruit Company Warehouse

Red River College Polytechnic, owners of the Scott Fruit Company Warehouse, received an Institutional Conservation Award for their commitment to the rehabilitation of this historic building as an addition to their campus and for maintaining the character and integrity of this heritage building built in 1914.

Number Ten Architectural Group and Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc. were both awarded an Institutional Conservation Award for their collaboration to sensitively rehabilitate this historic building and maintain its character and integrity while creating creative spaces for students.

Snider Orthotic Design: 50 Stafford Street 

Luke Snider receiving an award for Snider Orthotic Design

Luke Snider, the owner of Snider Orthotic Design, located at 50 Stafford Street and constructed in a modernist style in 1965 for the Archdiocese of Winnipeg Chancery Office, received a Commerical Conservation Award for the owner’s commitment to undertake this sensitive rehabilitation work, for both the exterior and interior of the building, including the south courtyard.

1×1 Architecture receiving their award for Snider Orthotic Design

1×1 Architecture Inc. received a Commerical Conservation Award for the sensitive rehabilitation work on the exterior and interior of Snider Orthotic Design, including the south courtyard, and for sensitively restoring the original modernist building’s façade.

Uptown Lofts: 394 Academy Road

Globe Capital Management receiving their award for Uptown Lofts

Globe Capital Management, owners of Uptown Lofts located at 394 Academy Road, were awarded a Residential Conservation Award for their commitment and dedication for undertaking a sympathetic residential adaptive reuse, and restoration of the historic exterior of this significant heritage building. These rental units now breathe new life into the former Uptown Theatre built in 1930-1931 and will serve the community for years to come.

Nejmark Architect receiving their award for Uptown Lofts

Nejmark Architect received a Residential Conservation Award for their unique design contributions towards the complex residential conservation of a former theatre and bowling alley to the Uptown Lofts. The innovative adaptive reuse design of this building was integrated seamlessly within the existing building, along with the sympathetic restoration work on the exterior.

Distinguished Service Award: Bob Kuzak

Bob Kuzak receiving his Distinguished Service Award

Bob Kuzak received the Distinguished Service Award for a lifetime of dedicated community volunteer work and for his immense contributions to keeping the history of North Point Douglas and the North End relevant and alive.

36th Annual Preservation Awards ceremony

Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Heritage Winnipeg would like to congratulate all the winners of our 36th Annual Preservation Awards and thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us! A special thank you to the Ukrainian Labour Temple for hosting our event and the Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble for performing.

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