Created through collaborations with local authors and artists, Heritage Winnipeg’s historical publications are always an enjoyable read!

Treasures of Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange

Price: $49.99 + 10% off
Delivery within Winnipeg: $5.00

By George J. Mitchell
2020, hardcover, 272 pages

Armstrong's Point: A History

Price: $39.99 + 10% off
Delivery within Winnipeg: $5.00

By Randy Rostecki
2009, hardcover, 242 pages

Winnipeg: Public Transit Through the Years

Price: $5.00 donation
Shipping: $2.00

By Heritage Winnipeg and artist Robert Sweeney
2019, softcover, 13 pages, bilingual

Tommy and the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

Price: $5.00 donation
Shipping: $2.00

By Grace Lovatt
2019, softcover, 8 pages, bilingual

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