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The Manitoba Heritage Summit 2020


Join us this October 1, 2020 for an unprecedented online day event organized and presented by a group of eight Manitoba Provincial Heritage Associations (PHA’s), to discuss the state of heritage in Manitoba. This online event will be the first time that such an all-encompassing meeting has ever been held in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Heritage Summit Group consists of:
Manitoba Historical Society
Association of Manitoba Museums
Association for Manitoba Archives
La Société historique de Saint-Boniface
Manitoba Archaeological Society
Heritage Winnipeg
Manitoba Genealogical Society
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

The Manitoba Heritage Summit will achieve the following four objectives:

  • Identify common themes among PHAs relating to heritage and history in Manitoba
  • Identify present and future opportunities and challenges that will be beneficial for the delivery of heritage-related programs and the management of heritage resources around Manitoba,
  • Foster improved collaboration and communication between PHAs and smaller heritage facilities around the province, and
  • Prepare a White Paper on the state of heritage in Manitoba and its development over the next 10 to 20 years, toward a long-term vision for Manitoba’s 200th anniversary in 2070.

More details on the Manitoba Heritage Summit 2020

Panel Discussion to include:

  • Decolonizing heritage in Manitoba
  • Economics, financial sustainability, and partnerships
  • Challenges and opportunities for heritage in rural Manitoba
  • Youth, technology, and green sustainability

Program available here

There is NO COST to attend the Manitoba Heritage Summit.

Sponsors of the Manitoba Heritage Summit:
Province of Manitoba | The Winnipeg Foundation

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