Past Winners of the Distinguished Services Award

  • Chuck Brook, former City of Winnipeg Planner.
  • The Charleswood Historical Society and Verna Van Room for Caron House.
  • Fern Desilets, Thomas Dixon and Micky Fingold; pioneering businessmen.
  • Elly Heber of the Point Douglas Historical Society.
  • Lillian James, educator.
  • Jim Shilliday, Editor of the Winnipeg Real Estate News.
  • Val Werier, writer.
  • Stephen R. Barber, former City of Winnipeg Historical Projects Coordinator.
  • Leslie J. Stechesen, architect.
  • Ray England, Pioneering businessman.
  • Miss Lillian Gibbons for leasing the way in increasing public awareness of Winnipeg's history and buildings.
  • Councillor William Neville for his outstanding leadership as a civic politician and his objective representation of heritage issues in the City of Winnipeg.
  • Helen Promislow for her outstanding contributions as a civic politician in increasing awareness of the significance of Winnipeg's historical buildings.
  • The Manitoba Historical Society for over a century of contributions to the community and commitment to lobby for the preservation of Winnipeg's historical buildings.
  • Vince Leah for his contributions as a writer in increasing awareness and appreciation of the significance of Winnipeg's historical buildings.
  • The Selkirk Avenue Business Association for their achievements in increasing public awareness and popularizing the character and heart of historical Selkirk Avenue.
  • To the City of Winnipeg and its Historic Advisory committee, Charles Bentall Architects, Ralph W. Schilling Architect for the success of the design review process resulting in the sensitive design of the Toronto-Dominion Centre Parkade.
  • City of Winnipeg Historical Buildings Committee for the production of the valuable research and reference tool, "The Year Past".
  • Ken Kelly for his outstanding vision, leadership, and contribution to Winnipeg's Heritage community in education and advocacy.
  • Don Aiken for his contribution as a historical features writer in increasing awareness of Winnipeg's history and heritage buildings by bringing it to a wider audience.
  • Magnus Eliasaon for his lifelong commitment and advocacy on behalf of heritage buildings on city of Winnipeg's council.
  • Dorothy Lynch for her writing and advocacy on behalf of Winnipeg heritage buildings.
  • David J. McDowell as an outstanding heritage advocate and mainstay of the Winnipeg heritage movement.
  • Richard Walls as a pioneering renovator/advocate in the Exchange District.
  • W. Douglas Harper in recognition and appreciation of his long time commitment to heritage preservation
  • Prairie Public television for their production of "Pyramids on the Prairies".
  • Randy R. Rostecki for his research and writings on Winnipeg's built heritage.
  • Mary H. Jambor for her tireless dedication to the maintenance of the City of Winnipeg's records and archives.
  • The Winnipeg Real Estate Board for its recognition of the importance of heritage issues and its commitment to excellence of the Heritage Highlights feature in its publication, The Winnipeg real Estate News.
  • The University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture students: Jason Jakulbowski, David Karpenic, Nathaniel Nacionales and Steven Lackonick for the documentation study of the Bjorn Petursson house, 616 Alvertsone St., including a summary of its social history, architectural features and detailed floor plans. (Included under the Youth Category)
  • Al Davies, Executive Director of the Lions Housing Centres, for leadership in advocating and undertaking the conservation and renovation of endangered historic housing stock in Winnipeg's inner city neighborhoods.
  • Bill McKay, Past President of Heritage Winnipeg, for a lifetime commitment to the city's past and for his work on restoring the city's only remaining street car.
  • Wins Bridgeman of DAPR Architecture, the University of Manitoba faculty of architecture, Prof. Jae-Sung Chon, and architecture students Ryan Cudderford, Kevin Gallays, Juan Rafae, Santa Ana Gurrola, Patrick Johnston, Michael Robertson, Liane Veness and Spencer Court, for their work and contribution to an exhibit showing how crumbling structures can be rehabilitated and used productively again by employing state-of-the-art technology.

Past Winners of a Special President's Award

  • Giles Bugailiskis for his dedication and assistance in preservation Winnipeg's built heritage
  • City of Winnipeg's Historical Building's Committee in recognition of their 20th anniversary.
  • Maurice Prince, in recognition of his tireless dedication to preserving, maintaining and promoting French Canadian heritage in Manitoba.
  • Jean-Pierre Brunet, in recognition of his tireless dedication to preserving, maintaining and promoting French Canadian heritage in Manitoba.
  • Mayor Glen Murray for heritage advocacy in conservation building reuse.

Past Winners of a Special Recognition of Honour

  • Bill & Shirley Loewen for their outstanding contribution and support of Winnipeg's built heritage.
  • David Harris for his continuous and outstanding efforts of his time and expertise on numerous built and cultural heritage projects over the past decades.
  • Suitable for nomination are individuals, community organizations active in preserving buildings and heritage resources in neighbourhoods or throughout the city. Other possibilities include people involved in communications or education. Both professional and volunteers are eligible.

Past Winners of the Conservation Awards

Architectural Conservation Award

  • 123 Bannatyne Inc. for the Marshall-wells Building.
  • The Bank of Montreal for the Portage and Main edifice.
  • Helmut Sass, Triple S Realty Inc. for 177 Lombard, Commerce Building.
  • Stechesen Frederickson Katz, Architects for the Courtyard at River Osborne.
  • Comcheq Services Limited and Stechesen Katz, Architects for 296 - 298 Garry Street.
  • Kona Enterprises Ltd. and Friesen Tokar Reynolds Rhoda Neufeld, Architects for 326 Broadway.
  • Triple S Realty Inc. and Number Ten Architectural Group for the National Bank Building, 191 Lombard Avenue.
  • Cliffton Management Corporation, Montreal and LM Architectural Group, Winnipeg for the Paris Building, 259 Portage Avenue.
  • Raymond Malenfant for the Fort Garry Hotel, 222 Broadway.
  • Bob Lamar Holdings and Marshall Haid Associates, Architects for the Western Glove Building, 321 McDermot Avenue.
  • Giovanni and Marian Geremia for the Kerr House, 351 Assiniboine Ave.
  • Keg Restaurants Ltd., Cooper Rankin Architects and Tibbatts & Co. Design Group (Canada) Ltd. for 115 Garry Street.
  • Shelly Werner Design Associates for Bank of Montreal, 426 Portage Avenue.
  • Randy Gilbart Architectural Design Inc. for the Bank of Montreal, 462 Portage Avenue.
  • Anhang Walsh & Company for Bank of Montreal, 426 Portage Avenue.
  • The Marwest Group of Companies for the Canadian Bank of Commerce, 389 Main Street.
  • Sam Katz, owner, Walker Theatre Performing Arts Group Inc.; Alfred Widmer, restoration craftsperson; Hannavan & Company Ltd., restoration and decorative art specialists and Bruce Rasmussen, architect, for the interior restoration restaurant of the Walker Theatre.
  • Bank of Montreal for protecting a Winnipeg landmark in the sensitive restoration of their main branch at Portage and Main.
  • Manitoba Children's Museum for the restoration of the North Pacific and Manitoba Railway Engine House.
  • Grey Nuns of Manitoba Inc., Musee St. Boniface Inc., City of Winnipeg, A. F. Eshmade & Associates, Engineers and Prairie Partnership Architects for the renovation of the St. Boniface Museum.
  • L'Hotellerie St. Norbert Guest House, Inc., St Norbert Art and Cultural Centre Building Committee and Les Stechesen, Architect for the renovation of the Trappist Monastery Guest House.
  • Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corp. and Richard R. Prins and David Penner, Architects for the presentation and adaptation of the St. John's Telephone Exchange Building.
  • The Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg Inc., and The LM Architectural Group for the preservation and restoration of the rotunda and exterior of the former CPR Station.
  • The Asper Jewish Community Camps for its dedication to the preservation of the protected buildings of the former Western College of Agriculture and Fort Osborne Barracks.
  • GBR Architects Ltd., in recognition of their skills and expertise in restoring the former McKenzie Block - Bannatyne Building.
  • Dudley Thompson and Keith McFarlane for their recognition of the historic significance of the former McKenzie Block - Bannatyne Building.
  • Dudley T. Thompson of the Prairie Partnership Architects, for his efforts to preserve the exterior of The Granite Curling Club at 22 Mostyn Place.

Past Winners of the Conservation Awards

Commercial Conservation

  • A Channel Manitoba ( Craig Broadcast Services Inc.), Prairie Architects Inc. and XYZ Design Inc. for innovative reuse of the Forks C.N.R. Steamplant, 8 Forks Market Road.
  • The Hotel Fort Garry for the complete restoration of the seventh floor to its original design, and Bob Horta for managing the $1.3-million project.
  • The former Birks Building and architects Cohlmeyer Associates for the restoration of the facade on the Portage Avenue building.
  • ADI Design Works Ltd. for the adaptive reuse of the former Timberwolf Beastro at 98 Albert Street.

Past Winners of the Conservation Awards

Institutional Architectural Conservation

  • The City of Winnipeg and Prairie Partnership for the Bank of Hamilton, 395 Main Street.
  • The City of Winnipeg for Pantages Playhouse Theater.
  • John Chivers, George Walker and Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation for the Bohemier House, 40 Turnbull Drive.
  • The Manitoba Government and GBR Associates, Architects and Engineers for the Robert Fletcher Building, 1181 Portage Avenue.
  • The Manitoba Historical Society for Dalnavert Museum, 91 Carlton Street.
  • Manitoba Government Services for A.A. Heaps Building, 254 - 258 Portage Avenue.
  • McDermot Avenue, Baptist Church building committee, Church at 821 McDermot.
  • Manitoba Government Services and Peter Langes, Architect for the Manitoba Law Courts Building, Broadway and Kennedy.
  • The City of Winnipeg, Civic Properties Division and Basarab Hammond Architects for St. Boniface City Hall
  • The St. Charles Church Parish and Giovanni Geremia Architect for St. Charles Church, 320 St. Charles Street.
  • The Ukrainian Canadian Committee, the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko and Basarab Associates Architecture Inc. 456 Main Street.
  • Robert Gregoire, Architect IKOY Partnership Arch. and Winnipeg School Division No. 1 for renovation to Laura Secord School.
  • The YM-YWCA Inc. and MCM Arch. for renovations and exterior preservation of the Downtown YM-YWCA at 301 Vaughan Street.
  • Public Works and Government Service Canada, for the sensitive conservation of the interior and exterior features of the Customs Examining Warehouse.
  • The Granite Curling Club for the renovation work completed on the exterior of the Clubhouse, 22 Mostyn Place, and their commitment to long-term restoration of the facilities.
  • The Young United Church congregation and supporters, Prairie Architects Inc. and A.F. Eshmade & Associates Ltd. for retention and restoration of the tower element of the Young United Church.
  • Winnipeg School Division and GBR Architects for restoring the original roof at the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre, formerly known as Isbister School.

Past Winners of the Conservation Awards

Residential Architectural Conservation

  • Stechesen Katz, Architects and James Richardson & Sons Limited, Real Estate Division for 393 Wellington Cres.
  • Patricia and Guy Stillman for Dan Brain House, 69 East gate.
  • Penner Properties Western Ltd., and Marshall Haid Associates Ltd. for the Warwick Apartments, 366 Qu'Appelle Avenue.
  • Gaboury Associates Architects for LeCharelet, 592 - 598 Stradbrook Avenue.
  • Historic Renovations Limited, the LM Architectural Group, and Richard Sures, President of Historic Renovations Limited for the Ashdown Warehouse.
  • Dr. Douglas Luckhurst for 97 Chestnut Street, home of Nellie McClung.
  • Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation and The Prairie Partnership, Architects for McCormick's Warehouse, 425 Henry Avenue.
  • Lloyd Timlick and Gilbart Ltd. and Bruce Rasmussen Architect for exterior preservation/adaptive reuse of the Normal School Building at 442 William Avenue.
  • Karen and Ken Wiklund for the restoration of their residence at 29 Ruskin Row.

Past Winners of the Merit Award

  • To the Pavilion Gallery Museum Inc., for undertaking the reuse of the Pavilion.
  • To Corbett Cibinel Architects and La Societe Historique de Saint-Boniface for the promotion and preservation of the history of the Empire Hotel facade, Cauchon Block.
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