1964 Winnipeg Aiport Terminal to be demolished: unanswered questions

The Winnipeg Airports Authority and Transport Canada intend to demolish the old terminal, opened in 1964, after the new terminal comes into operation at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

Heritage Winnipeg and the Manitoba Historical Society are asking: Why do they want to demolish one of Canada's finest examples of 20th-century architecture?

Our organizations are working together to ensure that the heritage value of the Terminal to Winnipeg and Canada is given full and proper consideration, and that, as a federal building originally commissioned as part of an iconic group of architecturally significant buildings, any process for change is transparent and involves the public.

The WAA, Transport Canada and the Federal Government have left the public in the dark so far. Why did the Federal Government halt a heritage assessment of the building in 2008? Why did the WAA reject a redevelopment proposal involving Shelter Canadian Properties Ltd., Huntingdon Real Estate, and the Western Aviation Museum? Why has there been no further redevelopment effort? The WAA claims that the building is in poor shape. Can they document this? Why would they and Transport Canada neglect the terminal for so many years?

Why so many unanswered questions and unexplained actions? This is an important building to Winnipeg and to Canada's aviation history. Why keep the public in the dark?

Heritage Winnipeg has sent a communiqué to the media in order to bring this issue to the attention of the community.

Winnipeg Airport Communiqué

For more background information:

Winnipeg Airport Background

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