2016 Annual Preservation Award Winners

The 2016 Annual Preservation Awards & Launch of the First World War Digital Memorial


On Monday, February 15, 2016, Heritage Winnipeg presented the 31st Annual Preservation Awards ceremony as well as the launch of the First World War Digital Memorial Project. The event was held in the Rotunda of the historic Union Station, VIA Rail Canada's Winnipeg Station, to celebrate National Heritage Day and Louis Riel Day.
The First World War Digital Memorial, as displayed on the east wall of the rotunda.

Since 1985, Heritage Winnipeg has sponsored an annual awards program that seeks to recognize those people dedicated to the protection, restoration, and conservation of Winnipeg's built heritage. Awards are also given to owners of heritage structures who seek to sensitively restore their buildings so that they become a productive element of the economical, cultural, and social fabric of the community. 
Cindy Tugwell, Heritage Winnipeg's Executive Director, speaks at the beginning of the ceremony.
Awards are given in three categories: Heritage Conservation, Distinguished Service, and Youth. For more information about the criteria for each of these awards, visit the Heritage Winnipeg website here.
Members of the Living History Society were also in attendance for the event.
The winners of this year's awards program are as follows: 

Heritage Conservation Awards

The Province of Manitoba 


Ager Little Architects

Heritage Winnipeg Board Member, Lawrence Prout, presents the award to Ryan Derksen, accepting on behalf of the Province of Manitoba.
Heritage Winnipeg Board Member, Lawrence Prout, presents the award to Marnie Gartrell, accepting on behalf of Ager Little Architects.
for the Institutional Conservation of the Old Law Courts at 391 Broadway. For their commitment to upgrade the plumbing system and provide barrier-free washrooms at the Old Law Courts located at 391 Broadway while ensuring the preservation of the character-defining elements, such as the marble floor tiles, marble panels, doors and frames, and the original washroom fixtures. Built from 1912-1916, this is one of the most important Law Courts buildings in the Province, and one of the best examples of the Neo-Classical style designed by Provincial Architect, Samuel Hooper.

The City of Winnipeg

Heritage Winnipeg President, Jordan van Sewell, presents the award to Councillor Shawn Dobson, accepting on behalf of the City of Winnipeg.
Councillor Shawn Dobson accepts the award with special thanks to the Planning, Property, and Development Department and Project Officer, Evan Wiebe.
for the Institutional Conservation of the City Council Building at 510 Main Street. For the sensitive replacement of the roof and re-pointing of the exterior of the City Council building located at 510 Main Street. Built in 1964 and recognized as a modernist heritage building, this work affirms the City's long-term commitment to maintaining heritage buildings in Winnipeg.

Roslyn Properties/Globe General Agencies

Heritage Winnipeg President, Jordan van Sewell, presents the award to Diane Glover, Senior Property Manager, accepting on behalf of Globe General Agencies.
Diane Glover, Senior Property Manager for Globe General Agencies, accepts the award.

for the Residential Conservation of Roslyn Court at 40 Osborne Street. For their commitment to maintain Roslyn Court located at 40 Osborne Street. Recent rehabilitation work included the roof, copper panels, exterior masonry, and painting. This Queen Anne Revival style building, constructed in 1908, is recognized as a National Historic Site and it continues to be a viable and integral part of Osborne Village.

The Yoon Family

Heritage Winnipeg President, Jordan van Sewell, presents the award to Harry Yoon, accepting on behalf of the Yoon Family.
Heritage Winnipeg President, Jordan van Sewell, presents the award to Harry Yoon, accepting on behalf of the Yoon Family.
for the Commercial Conservation of the Lauzon Block at 339 William Avenue. For the main floor restoration work completed in the Lauzon Block located at 339 William Avenue. This 3-storey historic building was built in 1905 and recently featured in a Heritage Winnipeg blog article. The restoration work focused on the pressed-tin walls and ceiling coverings.

Special President's Award

 Longboat Development Corporation


Stantec Architecture Limited

Jeff Chipman accepts the award on behalf of Longboat Development Corporation. Michael Banman accepted the award on behalf of Stantec Architecture.

for the Commercial Conservation of the Mitchell-Copp facade at 315 Portage Avenue. For the sympathetic protection, stabilization, and preservation of the 1919 historic Mitchell-Copp facade located at 315 Portage Avenue and thereby significantly enhancing the streetscape of Portage Avenue.

Distinguished Service Awards

The Friends of Dalnavert Museum

Heritage Winnipeg Past President, David McDowell, presents the award to Adele Hempel, Chair, accepting on behalf of the Friends of Dalnavert Museum.
Adele Hempel, Chair, accepts the award on behalf of the Friends of Dalnavert Museum.
The Friends of Dalnavert Museum. L-R: Cindy Tugwell, Heather Laser, Brock Capell, Susan Moffatt, Ines Bonacossa, and Adele Hempel.
for their dedication and commitment to the protection and re-opening of Dalnavert Museum at 61 Carlton. For their dedication and commitment to the protection and re-opening of the restored Museum and Visitor's Centre located at 61 Carlton Street for future generations. The museum, built in 1895, was the home of former Manitoba Premier, Hugh John Macdonald, the only son of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. 

First World War Digital Memorial Project

Thank you to the City of Winnipeg and the Thomas Sill Foundation for their generous support of this project.
Councillor Brian Mayes from the City of Winnipeg speaks to the inspiration and groundwork for the First World War Digital Memorial Project.
Bruce Tascona, Chair of the Military History Society of Manitoba, speaks to the importance of remembering the sacrifices of the First World War.
Jeremy Choy of Pattern Interactive explains the technology behind the installation.
Actor and playwright, Tim Higgins, reads from his piece "Winnipeg's Great War Legacy --- A Reflection".
Actor and playwright, Tim Higgins, speaks to the legacy of the Great War in Winnipeg.
Brendan McKenn from the Manitoba Underground Opera introduces the organization's performers.
Lynlee Wolstencroft, Soprano & Megan Dufrat, Pianist, perform "Au pays où se fait la guerre" by composer Henri Duparc.
The First World War Digital Memorial is now on display at Union Station.
Members of the Living History Society in period costume.
Volunteers in First World War uniform.

In Memoriam: Garry Hilderman

It is with great sadness that Heritage Winnipeg acknowledges the passing of Garry Hilderman, a long-time supporter of and advocate for Winnipeg's built heritage. Before his passing, Garry was on the boards of both the Friends of Upper Fort Garry and the 389 Main Street Heritage Corporation (which owns and maintains the Millennium Centre at 389 Main Street). In his lifetime, he was also involved with the Forks Foundation, CentreVenture, the Historic Winnipeg Advisory Committee, and the Fort Whyte Centre for Environmental Education.

Through his career as a landscape architect, Garry was involved in many landmark projects that Manitobans are proud of today. These include the Provencher Bridge, Oak Hammock Marsh, Whiteshell Provincial Park, The Forks National Historic Site, Fort Whyte Alive, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, and of course, Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and became a member of the Order of Canada CM on June 30, 2010.

A celebration of Garry's life will be held later in the year. Donations in honour of Garry can be made to upperfortgarry.com or 204.987.4351.

2016 Annual Preservation Awards

Heritage Winnipeg would like to thank everyone who participated in our
31st Annual Preservation Awards Ceremony

in celebration of
National Heritage Day and Louis Riel Day

and the Launch of the
First World War Digital Memorial Project
Monday, February 15, 2016
at the
VIA Rail Winnipeg Station (former Union Station)
Rotunda, 123 Main Street

A list of all award recipients, guests, and speakers, along with photos will be posted shortly.
Ceremony Commences at 2:00pm

For more information, please contact us at info@heritagewinnipeg.com or 204.942.2663 or visit the website at www.heritagewinnipeg.com.

Doors Open Winnipeg 2016

Coming Soon! Doors Open Winnipeg 2016! Check out the website at www.doorsopenwinnipeg.ca - 2016 buildings will be up in mid-March!

Millennium Legacy Fundraising Reception

Didn't make it to the event? Check out this Flickr album for event photos and images from the powerpoint! Click on the photo below to be taken to the site.

 Millennium Legacy Fundraiser


Long-time HW Member David Harris Passes Away

Long time Heritage Winnipeg member David Harris passed away on Nov. 20, 2015.

David Harris served on the Heritage Winnipeg Board and was instrumental in the work of the Streetcar 356 committee from its inception. He will be sadly messed.

For those who wish to join in a celebration of his life and his legacy for railroad heritage, there will be a gathering at his apartment activity room, Main floor,
7:00- 8:30 PM
Friday, November 27
South tower -1750 Pembina Highway

Coffee and tea will be provided.

Please let us know if you plan to attend
Dave McDowell

Heritage Winnipeg Blog

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First World War Digital Memorial Project

Aimed at acknowledging the 100th anniversary of Canada's involvement in the First World War, this project is a digitally-enhanced memorial to be housed in Winnipeg's former Union Station, VIA Rail Canada, from approximately February 2016 to November 11, 2018.

The railways of Canada have provided a long and enduring relationship to all things military, making the VIA Rail Station an appropriate location for this display. Additionally, the content will be available for broader public access on a website.

The display will recognize the major offensive battles that the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) participated in, listing the name, rank, and unit of each individual that was killed. The names will be displayed on the 100th anniversary of the month in which they lost their lives.

The names of those individuals who lost their lives in smaller engagements will also be included, with reference to the location where the individuals lost their lives.

Canada, as a dominion of the British Empire, had automatically entered the war on August 4, 1914, when Britain declared war against Germany in support of its Russian and French allies. However, at that time, the Canadian Expeditionary Force consisted of barely 3000 men. Canadians landed in France early in 1915, with Guy Dwyer becoming the first combat casualty on February 2, 1915.

Over 600 000 men and women enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War (1914-1918) as soldiers, nurses, and chaplains. At war's end, 64 944 Canadian military personnel, alongside 2000 civilians, lost their lives. An additional 149 732 were injured in the sixth deadliest conflict in world history.

Thank you to the City of Winnipeg Council for their donations, a total of $30,000 from Councillor Mayes, Councillor Dobson, Councillor Gerbasi, Councillor Sharma, Councillor Gillingham, Councillor Morantz, Councillor Patakhan, and Councillor Wyatt.

This generous donation has provided about half of the funds required to complete the project. Donations can be made using the green "Donate" link above - just specify in the memo what the donation is for, or give us a call at 204-942-2663 to let us know!

Councillors unite for First World War digital commemoration project (Metro News April 8, 2015)
First World War Memorial Gets 100% Approval (On the Line - Winnipeg October 16, 2015)


Streetcar 356 Update

Streetcar 356: Winnipeg's Last Remaining Wooden Streetcar (Heritage Winnipeg Blog October 22, 2014)
Winnipeg's streetcar to get restoration treatment (CTV News June 10, 2015)
Winnipeg Streetcars: Our Most Valued Heritage History - Guest Post by author Brian Darragh (Heritage Winnipeg Blog July 1, 2015)

Dennistoun House - 166 Roslyn Road

Century-old Osborne Village home could be bulldozed for development (CTV News September 15, 2015)
End of the line looms for historic Dennistoun House (Winnipeg Free Press September 8, 2015)
"Residents wishing to ask questions or register objections can attend the meeting at 6pm at City Hall on Sept. 16"


Robert Maxwell Dennistoun was a specialist in corporate law and came to Winnipeg in 1907 to represent several influential corporations. He drew up Manitoba’s first workman’s compensation act. In addition to a respected career as a lawyer and judge, Dennistoun kept a parallel military career.

The Honorable Robert Maxwell Dennistoun commissioned prominent architect John Atchinson to design a house for his family in 1908 at 166 Roslyn Road in the Osborne Village area of Winnipeg. Atchinson had designed a large number of prominent Winnipeg buildings by that time. He designed Dennistoun house in Tudor style, commonly used for upper-class residences between 1890 and 1940 in North America.

Distinguishing features of the Tudor style are:

  • Steep-pitched roof on cross gable
  • Decorative half timbering with an infill of stucco
  • Portions of the walls finished in brick veneer
  • Elaborate gothic arched entranceway with quoins of stone
  • Doors and side transoms are glazed with leaded glass in small panes

Winnipeg declared Dennistoun House a grade 3 historic building on its Buildings Conservation List in 1984 due to its architectural significance and integrity. It was also placed on the list based on the historical interest surrounding the man who erected it and its importance of the surrounding area, which during the early 1900’s became the district of stately banker’s homes.

In 1977 the house was bought and converted into a five-unit rental property.

When this owner passed in 2006 the heirs decided they were no longer operating this building as a rental property. A development team on behalf of the owners applied to the city for the delisting of the Dennistoun House.

The City’s Historical Buildings Committee inspected Dennistoun House and concluded it was a good example of the Tudor style designed by Mr. Atchinson and the heritage values of the house had not changed since its listing in 1984. The HBC recommended the Dennistoun House not be delisted.

On June 2 2009, “the Standing Committee did not concur with the recommendation of the HBC and recommended instead that Dennistoun House be removed from the Building Conservation List; that no demolition permits be issued before building permits are issued; and that City officials be authorized to implement the intent of this recommendation”.

The city’s Executive Policy Committee agreed with the Standing Committee.

The matter went to Council on June 24 2009. Council was given all materials generated or considered for the application to delist including:

-       HBC’s March 20 2009 letter

-       Report dated October 9, 1984

-       The Standing Policy Committee and Executive Policy Committee minutes of meetings

-       Any presentations given to these committee’s

-       Developer’s report that included City’s Planning Property and Development department’s response, a letter from an architect regarding the feasibility of integrating Dennistoun House into the Development and newspaper reports

-       Written submissions and petition from a number of citizens

-       Delegations for and against the recommendation also addressed City Council in person including Ms. Lukovich of Osborne Village Neighborhood Association and the Executive Director of Heritage Winnipeg who were against the recommendation

City Council was made aware of the “impact its decision may have on the neighborhood, and from a policy or precedent standpoint” as well as the Osborne Village Plan.

City Council decided by a majority vote to concur with the recommendation made by the Standing Policy Committee and agreed to by the Executive Policy Committee, to remove Dennistoun House from the Buildings Conservation List. This decision enables the historic homes potential for demolition and replacement with a condominium complex.

Members of the Osborne Village Neighborhood Association with the support of Heritage Winnipeg sought a judicial review for an order to quash the decision made by city council.

A strong argument was made in regards to the heritage element of the Osborne Village Plan on demolition of historic buildings:

7.1.6.A             Discourage the demolition of historic or architecturally significant buildings or structures. Demolition shall be considered as a last resort, and should only be considered when buildings are determined to be structurally unsound beyond repair by an independent structural engineering report. Economic viability should not be the sole determining factor;

7.1.6.B            Prior to consideration of a proposal for the demolition of a historic building or structure, a formal independent consultant’s report on the physical condition and economic viability of retaining the building should be prepared for review by the City. The consultant’s report is to be carried out at the expense of the applicant.

In July 2010 The Judge found that the “requirements of section 7.1.6 of the Osborne Village Plan were not mandatory but rather permissive and intended to be subjectively assessed by City Council” in making their opinion. He also found City Councils decision to delist to be “consistent” with both Plan Winnipeg and the Osborne Village Plan. Furthermore he found that City Council acted within its jurisdiction in removing Dennistoun House from the list and dismissed the application.

For further information on either the Judge’s decision or the Historical Report please click on the links below.


The Judge’s decision July 2010

Historical Buildings Committee Report October 9, 1984


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