3rd Annual Doors Open Winnipeg Awards

Heritage Winnipeg would like to thank all of this year's award recipients that participated in Doors Open Winnipeg 2013

Heritage Winnipeg's 3rd Annual Doors Open Winnipeg Awards Ceremony was held on June 20, 2013 at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe. All award recipients received a commemorative Doors Open art sculpture made special for this event by artist Jordan van Sewell

Best Restoration: The former Great-West Life Buillding, now James W. Burns Education Centre, Asper School of Business (2nd Floor, 177 Lombard Avenue)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Asper School of Business is Steve Vieweg, Director - Executive Education (left)

Best Tour: Vaughan Street Jail (444 York Avenue)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Vaughan Street Jail is Kristen Verin-Treusch (left)

The Hidden Gem: Cathedral of Saints Vladimir and Olga (115 McGregor Street)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Cathedral is Pastor Msgr. Michael Buyachok

Best Overall Experience: Shaarey Zedek Synagogue (561 Wellington Crescent)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue is Bill Weissmann, Tour Guide

Best Architecture: Millennium Centre (389 Main Street)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Millennium Centre is Giles Bugailiskis, Board Member (left)

Striving for Excellence Special 10th Anniversary Award
: The former Dominion Bank Building, now Bridgman Collaborative Architecture (678 Main Street)

Accepting the award on behalf of the Bridgman Collaborative Building are Marcella Porier (left) and Wins Bridgman (right)

Doors Open 2012 Awards Ceremony

On June 14th, 2012 at the Winnipeg Free Press News Café, Heritage Winnipeg presented an award ceremony for those buildings identified by the visitors of Doors Open Winnipeg 2012 as the best exemplars of the various facets of heritage.

Five Awards were given out, one in each of the following categories: best restoration, best tour, best architecture, the hidden gem and best experience.

Heritage Winnipeg Executive Director Cindy Tugwell welcomed everyone to the event.

Heritage Winnipeg 1st Vice President and local artist Jordan van Sewell gave his welcome from the board and shared a few words about the pieces of art given out as awards.

And the Award winners are….

#1 Best Restoration: Barber House


Presenting: Jennifer Hansell, Heritage Planner from the sponsor City of Winnipeg.


Accepting: Sandy Dzedzore, Chair of SISTARS and Rick Caslake, Coordinator/Program Manager at the North Point Douglas Seniors Association.


Barber House is one of Winnipeg’s oldest homes. The story of Barber House is an epic one of perseverant tough-as-nails survival, as this former house of pioneer journalist and businessman E.L. Barber has survived several fires over the years. As those connected to the House like to say, the grand old lady was too tough to destroy. The endurance and recent restoration of the Barber House is a metaphor for the endurance and current rehabilitation of the entire Point Douglas neighbourhood. The votes are in, and many Winnipegers are on board.


 #2 Best Tour: Manitoba Law Courts


Presenting: Clare McKay, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications of the sponsor Forks North Portage.

Accepting: Cheryl Kyritz and Diane Dixon, volunteer tour guides at the Law Courts.

Those participating in the guided 45-minute tour from the Law Courts got a chance to see the beautiful interior spaces of some of the highest courts in Manitoba. In addition to seeing Courtroom 330 (the Manitoba Court of Appeal) and Courtroom 210 (the Court of Queen’s Bench), those on the tour visited the Great Library. Hundreds of visitors nervously interacted with Courtroom 210: kids and adults alike, enjoyed sitting in the chairs of the judges, counsel and jury. While sheepish at first, more than a few put on a stern face and mimicked the motion of slamming a gavel down for silence. The tour guides patiently pointed out that Canadian justices do not use gavels. The engaging tour guides and rich symbolism of the building ensured that no one will soon forget the Law Courts.

#3 Hidden Gem: Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vladimir and Olga

Presenting: Geoff Kirbyson representing sponsor Winnipeg Free Press.

Accepting: Reverend Michael Buyachok, Pastor.

With a capacity of over a thousand, it might come as a surprise that Winnipegers choose a beautiful (but massive) Cathedral as the hidden gem. However, once you enter into the Cathedral, it becomes clear what the real hidden gems are. In addition to containing the beautiful rose-stained glass window depicting the patrons: Saints Vladimir and Olga, the Cathedral houses some of the finest Icon paintings and stained glass windows in Canada. 16 of the 34 stained glass windows are the work of world famous artist and sculpter Leo Mol. The Cathedral is simultaneously both a visible and a hidden gem of Winnipeg.

#4 Best Overall Experience: Historical Museum of St. James

Presenting: Matt Komus, Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg Museums Board.

Accepting: Barry Hillman, School Programs and Special Events Coordinator, Historical Museum of St. James Assiniboia 

Winnipegers were invited to return to a time past at the St. James Museum….and they did…and they loved it! Visitors were able to visit the three historical buildings on site: The William Brown Red River Frame House (constructed way back in 1856), the historic Municipal Hall, and the Display Building housing artifacts of blacksmithing, farming and transportation. In the William Brown House, trained interpreters transported visitors back to early Manitoba pioneer life in late 19th century. For the second year in a row, Winnipegers have let Doors Open and the St. James Museum know that they love the site, the programming and St. James history in general.

#5 Best Architecture: Manitoba Legislative Building

Presenting: Jordan van Sewell, Heritage Winnipeg Board 1st Vice President.

Accepting: Unfortunately, the province of Manitoba did not send a representative.

The Legislative Building, or ‘ledge’ is one of the finest public buildings, not just in Manitoba, but across North America! The ledge formally opened on July 15th, 1920 on the 50th anniversary of Manitoba’s confederation. The impressive architecture in Beaux Arts style and the intriguing interior and exterior art have only become more renowned with time. While the Ledge provides tours year round, every year during Doors Open, Winnipegers flock to see the life-sized North American bison on the grand staircase, the Pool of the Black Star beneath the Rotunda antechamber and the other treasures within this Frank W. Simon and Henry Boddington III creation. For the second year in a row, Winnipegers have proudly proclaimed that this Manitoba landmark has the best architecture in the city.

Congratulations again to all the winners of this years Doors Open Awards. Thank you to everyone who cast their votes and thank you to our generous sponsors for helping to make the event happen.

One final shout-out goes to Greg Delorme, Volunteer Coordinator who did an incredible job helping with the Doors Open event.


Doors Open Winnipeg 2012- Celebrating the Stories our Buildings Tell

Can you speak history? Are you a storyteller? Help bring the stories of our buildings to life at the 9th annual Doors Open Winnipeg weekend, May 26 and 27. Heritage Winnipeg is looking for volunteers of all kinds to guide tours, greet visitors and more.

Training sessions will be provided and there will be a choice of shifts to be worked. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form. Thanks to all of our volunteers who help make our event an overwhelming success each year! For more information, contact the Executive Director at info@heritagewinnipeg.com or call 942-2663.

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First-Ever Doors Open Winnipeg Awards!

Heritage Winnipeg hosted our first annual Doors Open Awards today at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe in the historic Exchange District. Representatives of Doors Open sponsors announced the five award-winning buildings. Councillor Paula Havixbeck spoke on behalf of the City of Winnipeg, and local artist Jordan van Sewell unveiled the spectacular ceramic awards which he had created.

Best Restoration
Wesley Hall (University of Winnipeg)
515 Portage Avenue

Best Tour
Customs Examining Warehouse
145 McDermot Avenue

Best Overall Experience
Historical Museum of St. James
3180 Portage Avenue

The Hidden Gem
St. James the Assiniboine Anglican Church & Cemetery
525 Tylehurst

Best Architecture
Manitoba Legislative Building
450 Broadway

Thanks to all our sponsors, participants, and volunteers!

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